Simple Start

I considered a range of names for this blog before scrapping the lot and going with the simplest, most obvious and most personal one. Why? This blog has personal purposes. It’s for me: my cathartic release; my confidence; my authenticity; my skills; my passion; my experiences; my mental health; my life; my… If it benefits others, great. If not, cool. If others approve, great. If others don’t like it, cool. For years, perfectionism paralysed me… I was petrified of not being good enough… Here, I’ve removed the pressures and given myself permission to be imperfect and go with the flow. Literally. Finally free…


After pondering for so long, I finally took the plunge! I’ve got so many thoughts in my head and the urge to express them is huge! It’s time to put my passion for writing into regular public practice. I no longer allow fears to hold me back… Let’s do this!